Saturday, 27 November 2010

LOST LOVE - nothing to report

This is a Dark Age in the history of The State Of Love... very few records are available for this period. There are precious few reports of activity. The borders are completely closed, there is no communication with the outside world. What is more, nobody seems to remember exactly where it is, or be able to find it on a map, or even show much desire to make contact with it... as if, like a vague Shangri-La, it had retreated to an H. Rider Haggard Himalayan mystery zone...

SO - All the links below are broken. We will continue to monitor all reports of the activity of The State Of Love, but until a firmer grasp of the situation is available all broadcast interceptions et cetera will now be published at The Piper Machine.

As a final tearful 1940's railway platform farewell, this compilation of recent musical messages gives us perhaps some telling clues as to the internal struggles within Love.


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